Silicon metal powder is for?

A lot of friends have such doubt, silicon is a chemical element, then the silicon metal powder is for? Sejong the issue for the silicon industry to explain.
Silicon metal powder is for
Know about chemical more friends know, silicon has obvious characteristics of nonmetal, so silicon metal powder and nonmetal, high purity silicon metal powder production of semiconductor devices, and in the energy should mean is good material, made great contributions to the development of science and technology.

In today's society has been from the industrial age into the information age, the process of semiconductor material silicon play an enormous role, now high purity silicon metal powder is more expensive, so export to abroad need to do some documents, this does not mean that belongs to the silicon powder is for.
For silicon metal powder is it for this problem, this article has carried on the explanation is not for the conclusion of silicon metal powder, can be used as semiconductor materials, so can trust.