Silicon Nitride Powder

Product description

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) was developed through the 60's and 70's while trying to find a lightweight and high strength material for applied ceramics production. These materials allowed for high temperature resistant operation without the use of metals in turbines and reciprocating engines. The ceramic components allowed for high efficiency operation even at higher temperatures.


Our silicon nitride powder is of high purity, nitrogen content and features a narrow particle size distribution that offers excellent sintering activity. We produce silicon nitride powder in various grades that can be widely used across various industries from high-tech applications, to structural ceramics, and every day industrial wear-resistant applications.


1. The silicon nitride is suitable for the smelting of stainless steel, special alloy steels, and oriented silicon steel. The powder adds strength and heat resistance to these metal products.

2. As a refractory material, the silicon nitride is used in metallurgical applications, particularly furnace components such as furnace mouth seals, iron furnace outlets, as well as additives in refractory products.

3. The silicon nitride in its raw form can be used as a high efficiency grinding material in the production of abrasive tools. It also offers corrosion resistance for a variety of chemical applications.

Technical Parameters

silicon nitride powder

Note: We can provide silicon nitride lumps, granules and powders from 10 to 100mm, 0 to 200 mesh and high purity of 95% silicon nitride powder according to your needs.


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