Silicon metal powder export market demand is relatively stable Metal

Silicon metal powder export market demand is relatively stable
Compared with the phenomenon of domestic market clinch a deal is not active, the silicon metal powder export market is relatively stable, although foreign demand does not increase, and recent export enterprises in our country receive enquiries are not active, but the overall export situation is relatively stable, long single supply between the basic for the old customers.
So far, silicon metal 553 mainstream impassability oxygen export FOB price is $2030 - $2050 / ton, 441 FOB price is $2130 - $2150 / ton, 3303 FOB price is $2240 - $2260 / ton, 2202 FOB price is $2340 - $2360 / ton, a lot of silicon metal exporters also said that the recent 553 foreign in suppression of the price, the price is $2050 / ton failed to reach a deal, and the market also in the event of a certain low clinchs a deal.
According to some silicon metal export enterprise, the current long single silicon metal export base for old customers, new order is not much, so is relatively stable, but the only fly in the ointment is the price is not ideal, the contract that the early stage of the individual brand at a price below the current market price, but in order to maintain old clients have no choice, but the market will be how to develop later temporarily not clear.
Metal silicon light volume Enquiries are not active
Silicon metal powder market clinch a deal the disappointing recently, due to the large upfront silicon metal price rises, and the recent impassability oxygen 553 market Yin fell, led to the current downstream customer enquiries are not active, most difficult silicon metal factory have said the recent shipments.
A silicon metal production enterprise, make enterprise is given priority to with no oxygen 553 production, due to recent price fell, led to the current chance to receive a call from a new customer enquiry is zero, and the vast majority of the old customer calls, clinch a deal finally also not optimistic. The same thing also happened in yunnan factory, now yunnan silicon metal factory shipment is not ideal, whether it is a high grade or low grade, the downstream customer willingness to buy goods are not high, and remove the old customer orders for a long time, between the new customer clinch a deal the basic is zero, also led to the current market presents a negotiable no market situation.
Affected by this, now many downstream customers, said has received a lot of initiative to electricity, the factory said can low price shipment appropriately, due to the suspend shipment over a period of time, the factory cash-strapped also normal, so if the market continues to remain thin clinch a deal, so prices have continued to decline.