Silicon Carbide Granule


Properties of the Silicon Carbide Granule

This product is the granular form of black silicon carbide. Black silicon carbide is a multipurpose non-metallic material that is extracted from quartz sand (SiO2) and anthracite or petroleum coke. These base materials are placed in a furnace and heated to temperatures above 1800 degrees Celsius, where the black silicon carbide is left and can be collected. The material is noted for its high hardness level, small expansion coefficient, and excellent thermal conductivity. Silicon carbide is a dynamic material as it is used as an industrial abrasive, a component in electronics manufacturing, refractory materials, deoxidizing agent for auto parts, and many more.

Black silicon carbide can be purchased in two forms differentiated by their grain size: black silicon carbide granule and black silicon carbide powder.

Applications of the Silicon Carbide Granule

Our silicon carbide granule is primarily utilized in the smelting of iron, steel, and other refractory products. It is used as a stemming agent or iron runner material in silicon carbide bricks or other forms.

Note: We can provide the black silicon carbide granules or powders for steel making deoxidization in 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or other specifications according to your needs.



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